Grupa Klimowicz


What makes our vegetables so good, tasty, healthy and of good quality?

We take care of them from the very seedling. We collect them at optimum time when their colour is nice and taste great.

In the greenhouses we use only water from deep water well, for the purposes of protection against pests we are trying to use their natural enemies, e.g. in greenhouses with tomatoes, in case when pests such as whiteflies are found, we fight them with the help of other insects such as dziubałeczek mącznikowy and Encarsia formosa.

We also control the vegetables continuously in independent accredited laboratories.


We do it all because we want us to eat healthy and tasty food!


We sale:


Tomatoes on branches (bunches)

The tomatoes characterize with exceptional smell which is influenced by the presence of stem (the branch which the tomatoes are located on), they also taste very well and have a very good quality.


1st class

  • with the sizes of 57 - 82 mm


Bulk tomatoes

Tomatoes of very good quality also with exceptional taste and smell.


1st class

  • BBB with the sizes of 82 - 102 mm

  • BB with the sizes of 67 - 82 mm

  • B with the sizes of 57 - 67 mm


Raspberry tomatoes

We also offer raspberry tomatoes in bulk (appreciated by many due to their delicate taste).


1st class

  • A with the sizes of 47 - 57 mm


Now, you know that we produce tomatoes, but there are also cucumbers growing in our greenhouses (we are also producers of cucumbers).


Our greenhouses with tomatoes and cucumbers are located in Paczyn near Pyskowice (Silesia, Poland).







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